Regent Private Investigations | Rates
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Read below to learn more about our competitive pricing.

Some people think using PI’s can be expensive… it’s time to change that thinking!

Hiring a PI can be one of the smartest financial moves you could ever make. Think of the costs associated with a simple case, likely $500- $1000. Now, read on to view the potential savings that can be generated by having your investigative issue successfully resolved.


Below is a list of things we could help you save or avoid…

… in a corporate environment
…in a personal environment

  • Time, expense and effort managing an investigation personally
  • Damage to company reputation, morale, sales, recruitment etc.

  • Lost productivity/property
  • Exposure to civil/legal action

  • Family discord
  • Future legal expenses

  • Continued mental anguish/uncertainty
  • Strain on spousal relationships

Most large firms charge $125/hour for general investigative work; we charge $90. We are a mid-size company; as a result we don’t have the enormous expenses and overhead costs associated with some of our competitors. We do our best to pass our savings on to you. Each case is different and has its own unique circumstances, as a result our rates may change slightly depending on the nature, location and duration of the work.  All rates and expenses will be detailed upfront during consultation. There are no surprises. It’s best to speak with us about your situation, and then decide if using RPI is right for you.