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Locate a missing person? Suspect infidelity? Regent PI specializes in personal investigation & covert surveillance services. Free consultation. Call Now!
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Private Investigations Toronto & GTA For Personal & Family

Helping You Is Our Number One Priority

We know our strengths, and stick to them.

Some private investigative firms in Toronto will offer every service they can think of.  Unless you are a large private investigations company with a large staff, and large fees to support it, it’s difficult to be good at everything. At Regent Private Investigations we take a different approach. We know our strengths, and stick to them.


We won’t take a case that we don’t have 100% confidence in. While there are investigative companies that will use your case as a learning experience, we refuse to do that. It’s simply a matter of ethics and integrity.  After consulting with you, if we feel that your case is not for us, we will say so, and we will gladly refer you to a private investigations agency better suited to meet your needs. Fortunately, this rarely happens!


With personal investigation evidence, you can get undeniable proof of infidelity, answers to questionable behaviour, ensure a child’s welfare and safety, evidence to verify spouses/partners work income for support payments, or to conduct surveillance/CCTV monitoring.


We have a wealth of knowledge and experience within our investigative staff, as a result we are happy to offer our private investigation services in the following areas:


Spousal Infidelity Investigation Decoys/Surveillance


  • Static, mobile, overt and/or covert techniques
  • High Definition video and photo capture
  • Detailed and elaborate note taking and reports
  • Detailed covert vehicle satellite tracking
  • Infidelity Questions

Missing Persons Investigator


  • Estranged family members
  • Lost loves
  • Biological parent
  • Runaways

Family & Divorce Investigation


  • Wills and Estates
  • Property Search
  • Hidden Asset Search

Ready to hire a private investigator in Toronto?  Call now for a free consultation or send us a message and we’ll respond right away.